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:confused: Hi,

I'm writing about my recent decision to try and import a Loewe Credo from Germany. I rang loewe and asked whether it was ok and if i needed to do more than 'change the plug'. The reply was sketchy but apparently the tv must be multistandard. The customer service guy didn't indicate whether or not ALL their tv's were multistandard so i'm not sure! The model is the Credo 7681ZP - can anyone help?


Richard Huxley
Can't speak for the specific TV, but basically, the issue you may encounter is one of tuner compatibility. Picture and sound are transmitted on two different frequencies and, in a given territory, the one will be offset from the other by a fixed amount. This fixed amount varies from territrory to territory, and it's different in the UK to other parts of Europe.

So, unless the tuner is compatible with the UK transmission standard (IIRC it's referred to as PAL-I), then, for any broadcast source, and any UK model VCR etc connected via the RF (aerial) cable, you will get picture OR sound, but not both together.

However, if you intend to use the TV exclusively for external sources connected via AV or Scart connections (DVD, VCR, STB, etc) then these will work OK.
Thanks for that. I will have to ask the retailer about this...luckily my girlfriend speaks german!
I don't know about the Credo but I would assume it is full multistandard as the Aconda/Vitros TV's sold in the UK are. You can select your language, territory and PAL standard before tuning the TV.

Is it working out much cheaper to import from Germany?

Hi groundy,

Yeah on ebay it is. If you buy used through a reputable seller you can pick up a credo 7681zp with rack for less than £800 which i think is great. However i'm not sure about the multistandard can it not can loewe produce two types of the same doesn't make sound business sense does it?!

What's the situation with in warranty repairs ?
A lot of dealers are not prepared to service / repair televisions they have not supplied.
What is Linn's position ?
If you regularly visit Germany I suppose it doesn't really matter....

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