Importing a 360 Elite Questions


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Looking at getting a US Elite (sick of the release date difference) and would just like to get some answers to questions before clicking the 'buy now' button

1:) Are the Consoles from Videogames+ US models? and do you get hit with tax on getting one?
2:) will the US console work with a UK PSU negating the need for a stepdown?
3:) Could I just swap hard drives over from my UK console to US one?

Thanks in advance

Simon Coates

Don't bother - by the time you add the shipping cost, duty and VAT it will be similar price to getting one in the UK. Also, if you get a console that isn't specifically for the Euro market it will be region locked and only play US games and DVDs.
What happens if it goes wrong and you need to send it back - Xbox GB probably won't honour a US warranty.
Get one in the UK - just shop around for a decent bundle offer.



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There isn't a lot of difference in release dates on this generation of console compared to past generations and there's a lot more region free software this time.

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