Imported PS3 can play PAL DVDs via Linux


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Title pretty much says it all. I was fiddling around with my Fedora install yesterday, since I had all the Xine libs installed anyway thought I would give a PAL DVD a go. Sure enough, it worked perfectly, looked very good as well :thumbsup:

This guide will get you sorted:


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Superb stuff. I assume this makes it region free? Now if only Sony would release a patch to make the upscaling better.......


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Will a US PS3 play a region free PAL DVD out the box?


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Is the PAL dvd playback upscaled?

Cheers :)

EDIT: Sorry, Just read themanwithapc's post above.

What DVD software can be used for PAL DVD playback??


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Which part do i click to download this ?

So i can now play PAL DVD's with this...Does it still work after latest firmware updates ?


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So will this work the other way? can I do this to play NTSC region 1 on a PAL machine.....if so anyone up to doing a step by step guide on installing fedora and the bits neccesary to do it? go on... you know you want to ;)

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