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I have had my Pioneer plasma 3 months and had no problems.

This Test Report is sponsored by Pioneer

Please read this test: http://www.soundcity.com/info/plasmafacts.htmlhttp://www.soundcity.com/info/plasmafacts.html

Image Retention
Test Significance- We address the most contentious issue first, as plasma has yet to shed its lingering reputation as a technology that permanently "burns in" images when left static for a set period of time. Manufacturers have indeed come clean about first generation products that left permanent damage on the screens seen in airports and other text heavy applications. Technologies such as "orbiting" or micro-pixel movement were created to mitigate the possibility for this burn-in, but little research has been done to refute the perception that static images will cause permanent
damage to plasma displays.

Test Methodology - ISF test technicians left a static video game (Half Life 2) menu image on each TV for a period of 48 hours to simulate a full weekend "burn". Post 48- hour observations were quantified and documented as: 1 = Not Visible, 2 = Barely Visible, 3 = Somewhat Visible, 4 = Easily Visible, 5 = Readily Visible and Clearly
Defined. A subsequent 24-hour movie loop was then run in an attempt to "fix" any image retention caused by the static video game menu.

Test Results - After the 48-hour test, all LCD and microdisplay rear projection televisions scored a "1", as there was no indication of any image retention after the test period. Plasma, on the other hand, did show clear signs of image retention, with all displays scoring a "5" after 48-hours of displaying the video game menu. However, after running a movie loop on each plasma display for 24 hours, ISF testers could not perceive the previously retained images while watching video on the plasmas after the 24 hour "fix". As such, plasma’s image retention score went back down to a "1".

Key Takeaway
Central to this test is the acknowledgement that our demonstration was an extreme scenario that few consumers would ever experience with their televisions. Most potential buyers scared off by the notion of plasma "burn-in" are
more focused on the damage caused while pausing a football game or their favorite show on TiVo for a few minutes while running around the house. Our tests show that current plasma technology can tolerate a full 48-hour session on pause, and then resume its original state with no permanent effects after a 24-hour video loop. Thus, while it is unlikely that a consumer of a current generation (or later) plasma TV will even notice any image retention caused by 5 or 10 or even 60 minutes on pause, it is most definite that any such image retention will disappear over the course of subsequent TV watching.


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The link you provided doesn't work for me - the header/footer stuff loads fine, the middle part (content) does not, showing:

Warning: main(inc/plasmafacts.htmlhttp://www.soundcity.com/info.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/soundcit/wwwroot/soundcity.com/page.php on line 211

Warning: main(inc/plasmafacts.htmlhttp://www.soundcity.com/info.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/soundcit/wwwroot/soundcity.com/page.php on line 211

Warning: main(): Failed opening 'inc/plasmafacts.htmlhttp://www.soundcity.com/info.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php') in /home/soundcit/wwwroot/soundcity.com/page.php on line 211


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thats because the url is repeated in the string , delete one of them and press enter in the address bar


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I have had sky news on my screen for about 4 hours at a time and have had no problem with screen burn.

My Pio 436FDE has been set up with a contrast of 30 which covers up most of the blocks created by skys low bitrate.

The low contrast might help prevent screen burn from sky.


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ISF test technicians interesting...... did they calibrate the screens or leave them in default stand out instore mode (if the former its not surprising) and what does half life 2 do when paused? does it darken the whole screen and use low brightness flashing signage?


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Down at my local costco last week a Pioneer plasma had terrible screen burn.
Note only the pioneer model suffered dispite the same image been shown on every plasma.

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