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Just in case you were considering buying a projector from outside the EU and were fooled into thinking you wouldn't pay import duty if it came as a computer peripheral, READ THIS FIRST.

Reply is from HM customs and excise after I specifically asked them about this (ended up getting my projector from discount tv in the UK).:

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry dated 31 December 2003.

May I just start by telling you that all goods imported from a non-EC
country have to be classified. This means that all goods are allocated a
commodity code (a 10 digit number) that will identify it in trade in
accordance with the UK Customs Tariff; it is the commodity code that
determines the amount of duty and VAT that will apply. As the importer it is
your responsibility to ensure your purchase is classified correctly, you
should contact the Tariff Helpline to confirm that the classification below
is correct for your product because if it is different then the duty rate
and VAT may differ. You can contact them on 01702 366077, and they will be
more than happy to help you.

Providing the projector that you wish to import is a Computer Projector -"
these must be capable of displaying signal from a computer and NO OTHER SOURCE" and classified under commodity code 8471 6090 00, then it will be
free from Customs duty with only VAT to pay of 17.5%.

The VAT will be charged on the price that you pay for the projector plus any
additional charge you incur in getting it to the UK (such as insurance and
freight /postage).

If as you say the projector will be sent to you via DHL then I can confirm
that they will act as agent and clear the goods through Customs on your
behalf; they may also charge you a handling fee.

I hope you find this information useful but if you would like further help
or advice please feel free to contact me again or our National Advice
Service Tel:0845 010 9000.


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a projector that can only display a computer source and nothing else...... they are talking out their backsides, even the most business orientated machines with no intention for use with anythign else are going to have at least a composite. i think this basically would mean no projector on this planet counts!



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Even if the PJ only has a VGA socket on the back that doesn't limit it to displaying signals from PCs.

Having said that I think you could make an argument for a DVD player being a computer;)


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They might have a point if the item you class as a computer projector is labled on the box as home cinema projector, or video projector .. and also marketed as such. Im not saying that people havent managed to avoid Import duty .. or will avoid it in the future . but if you get caught and have to pay then its a fair cop. :lesson: The definition of a Data projector and a HC Projector is real fuzzy tho isnt it all just coloured dots.. :D

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Get it from Price Japan. They mark it as computer display. DHL ship it. Clear it through customs. Charge you VAT (and Only VAT) and that's that.


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Id just been waiting for an email respnse myself
well if they said it it must be true
now which us supplier can i get an optoma h30 from


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Ive been looking into buying a projector from the usa as well and because of the cracking exchange rate there are some great deals out there

Im afraid although its stupid but there appears to be 2 codes for projectors and heres what it says on their website

"3. SEPARATE UNITS Commodity Code

Computer projectors
These must be capable of displaying signals from a computer and no other source. 8471 6090 00

Dual purpose projectors
In addition to displaying a signal from a computer, these projectors may handle signals from a video recorder, TV tuner, video camera etc. Regarded as video projectors.
Flat panel types e.g. LCD, DLP Other types e.g. cathode ray tube 8528 3005 00 ,8528 3020 90 "

so does anyone know what the extra duty is on the pther code??




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youll need to look up TARIC CODES
afaik video proj may be rated as 14%
depends as said above if labelled comp.display may getaway with less
why are uk prices so high??


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Given the exchange rate and cost of a ticket to the US why not treat yourself to a long weekend?
Bring a little PJ back in your luggage :)

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