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In about 6 months I will move from my current apt to a house and I am very keen on buying a projector for the living room there. It wont be a dedicated movie theatre room, and it will have some ouside light from the side.I want at least a 100 inch screen possibly up to 130-140 inches. It is possible to place the projector pretty far from the wall, so no need for a short throw pj or good zoom.
I am looking for a used pj, up to about $1200 (10 000 NOK). It will also be used for some gaming, and from what I have read, not all PJs are suitable for that because of lag in some of them?
I would also like it not to be too noisy.
Would you recommend buying a relatively new budget model, like 2014-2016, or an older model that was more expensive when it came?
Is the picture quality in a high end PJ from the earliest days of Full HD still better than one of the best budget PJs of today? How old is a PJ that is too old to consider?


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Hi Fettfjes,

I think the Sony HW40ES ticks most of your boxes. I was about to buy one but ended up getting a very good deal on its immediately bigger brother the HW55ES. The main difference is a dynamic iris. Other than that the two projectors are very similar. I do a lot of gaming as well as watching movies and sport. The projector is very good with all of the above with excellent picture quality. In the UK you can pick them up for under £1000 used which in around $1250.

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