import Wii from US


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would i encounter any issues? i take it their systems are NTSC?
if it's worth it, any prefferred retailers?

I have someone coming back from US end of month, so a site with free US delivery would be quite nice for me :)

looking to buy the console (assume it comes with 1 controller + wii sports)
3 extra controllers
mario kart


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if i buy a us wii, i know ill have to buy an american freeloader to play any PAL games i purchase and also a power adapter

my question is, if i buy the wii and say mario kart from america, bring it back here and try to go online, will it be possible to play it online back here, and if so will it connect to us servers meaning an extremely bad ping?

or would i have to buy a PAL mario kart and freeload it to work on the us console for it to connect and be able to play against euro's??



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Quite a few of us on here have US wii's so I'll outline some advantages/disadvantages.

Cheper Games on Release (£20-£30)
Release dates often earlier than in PAL territories
33% Cheaper VC / WiiWare games (Thanks to exchange rate)
Original 60Hz VC games (no shoddy, border riddled PAL conversions)
Cheaper Console and accessories
Accepts PAL accessories

Getting hold of 2nd hand / Older releases is Expensive / difficult
No Warrenty
Non-game channels region locked (News channel / Everybody votes etc.)
Wii shop channel can be a pain (you have to set it to Brazil to buy stuff with a card)
Online games use US servers and "regional" encounters are set to US.

Depends which you feel outweighs the others, I personally love the Virtual Console and have 30+ games so the money I've saved and the original versions I play outweighs the fact that the news and weather channel is pretty much redundant. Its also a pain that I can't just play people from the UK on Mario kart, only Canada and the US. These are minor niggles though and a PAL copy of a game coupled with a freeloader will sort these issues out.

As for where you buy it, if you have a friend there that's good as importing a machine to the UK is very pricey. EB games and Gamestop are the best places to physically buy the console in the US and and are by far the best (and cheapest) importers for games. yes asia will even pay all import duty for you and VG+ mark down the price of the games to avoid it.

I'm happy with my decision to import and I'm currently playing Okami and Trauma Center New Blood, 2 games which aren't out here for a while. All in all I'd say it's a good idea just some of the extra non-game functionality of the console is redundant, but if you're like me and you just like your games it's OK>!! :thumbsup:


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well that answers my question as i dont care about thos redundant news channels. the only disadvantage from that list which applies to me is not being able to play uk ppl - call of duty/mario kart being the main reasons why id want that feature. so id need the buy the PAL version of these games and freeloader.


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No there is a difference between the US and Japanese versions. Japanese versions don't work on a US machine without a freeloader, just be careful when you're ordering games off there. If you buy a US machine you will need a US freeloader available from or ebay (expensive). If you want to play people in the UK specifially you will need the UK version of mario kart and an NTSc freeloader. However, you can still play friends in the UK by adding friend codes and also play people in the UK if you chose a "worldwide" as opposed to "regional" game.

Hope that helps.:smashin:

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Moved into the "import Wii from US (itself moved to the Wii section)" as nicklone86 has answered your Q in there.

Re: Mario Kart specifically, this one game should have a smaller problem because, AFAIK, when you join a room, you're connecting to their console lag depends more on who you're playing and where THEY are in the world as opposed to where the central server is.

As you can play anyone from anywhere in MKWii, despite having a US Wii, if you open a room in the UK/join a room created by someone in the UK, as you are in the UK lag should not be an issue (someone else can confirm this I hope and I repeat, it only applies to MKWii and it's unique way of connecting people.....other games that connect to central servers will give you the issues mentioned by nicklone86).

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