IMPORT VCR's - Do They Work In The UK?


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I'm considering purchasing a Panasonic HS-830 VCR. However I want it in Black instead of silver. Fortunately the HS-830 is available in Black on the the German/Euro spec model. The same VCR in the UK only comes in silver which I do not want. Price is about the same but my question is:

Will a German/Euro spec VCR work in the UK with no compatibility issues?

The direct link to the site selling the VCR is:

I assume it will as the Voltage is the same and they use PAL as well but need to be sure before ordering. I understand Germany use Pal B/G whereas we use Pal I, but I know this is a selectable option on some UK VCR's. I also realise the Germany use a different carrier to NICAM but the specs for the VCR above state NICAM Digital Tuner as being onboard.

Can anyone advise?


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Probably best to drop a line to Panasonic in Germany, they have been very helpful when I've had queries in the past. After all they do actually make the VCRs there. :)


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I heard back from Panasonic in Germany. The HS-830 from there will not work in the UK because it is PAL B/G with no possibility of PAL I :(. Why the hell isn't it available in black in the UK :mad:. When is the silver trend going to end :rolleyes:.

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