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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by oreoboy13, Jan 4, 2002.

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    Basically this stems from that i am about to buy a Denon 3802, Denon 2800 and a M&K K-3 System, and i have about £2000 left to spend on a display, i first though i had it sorted by deciding on a Toshiba 36ZP18P, i presumed that because it had components it would support progressive scan. After some help from ppl on this site i now understand a little more about progressive scan Tvs, and that this TV wont surpport it The other option i thought of is to get a Lowe and use the VGA card upgrade, but then the Lowe doesnt have component imputs. So now i am wondering whether it would be worth importing a HD-TV from america to the UK, i understand i would need a downstep transformer. however i am not sure wether american Tvs are both NTsc and Pal compatible and wether there is any other concerns i should have.

    Or do ppl have any other suggestions: like i shouldnt even bother with progressive scan :)
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    I'm not sure if this reply helps, but here goes:

    Importing a large screen tv from USA would be massively expensive. I shudder to think what the carriage charge alone would be. Then there would be VAT to add. On top of that would be import tax, which is calculated on the total price, ie(goods&carriage).

    Is there any european spec tvs that would suit your requirements?

    If so, you could try this website

    They will ship to UK no problems.

    I was nearly going to buy from them a few months ago, as they had a better specified Tosh 37" than the UK model. Carriage was about £80 - £90 I think.

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