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Hi guys,

As we all know with sideshow at the moment are sending out to put it bluntly sh!te.

I have had numerous statues arrived damaged and with the Hulk life-size bust I told them I wanted an refund and not an exchange!

now here is where the problem comes in, FedEx are requesting the VAT payment for the statue, they said because I did not notify them within 14 days of receiving the item that it was damaged I have to pay it even though I no longer have the item as it was destroyed. When I told them it wasn't due to them it being damaged but Sideshow I didn't think I needed to notify them straight away. I did tell them once I received the invoice for the payment but they said that was too late.

I argued the point and refused the pay it, they then passed it to a debt collecting agency. :mad: This really p!ssed me off. So I rang them back and explained again and asked why should I pay tax for something I dont have???:confused:

They then said I needed to contact Sideshow who have to confirm that I no longer have the statue and that they are willing to pay the VAT. I asked why I had to when Sideshow are obviously customer of theirs as it is only them who delivery the statues. She said she had no idea if they where but it was my responsibility to do it. I then asked what the £10 admin fee was if not to sort out issues like this in which case she began rambling on about them paying the VAT on my behalf blah blah blah....

I have emailed sideshow and presumed they were sorting as I heard nothing back......until this week when I received another letter from the same debt collecting agency requesting the money in 7 days or I got to court. Emailed Sideshow (been 2 months since the original email) and they are now looking into it.

What a Farce!!!!

Anyone else had this problem?


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To be honest mate Ive never had to send anything back (touch wood) you maybe better off ringing them they will call you back to save on telephone charges, Sideshow are usually good at sorting stuff out. Good Luck:)


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think farce is a bit of an understatement :thumbsdow

only time I got a refund from them for anything was when they had the EU warehouse and it was relatively straightforward then as it was sideshow you paid the vat to at that time along with the statue

you'd think international returns/refunds would be fairly regular for the likes of fedex (and not just with sidshow) so in my opinion you'd think they should have been able to at least guide you in the right direction months ago on what to do to either not pay or at the very least how you could claim it back for a situation like this, theres bound to be some form or procedure to this

although personally haven't had that many dealings with their after sales customer services and the times I've had it was for common straightforward problems but you keep hearing people say how 'great' sideshows customer services are and how they go the extra mile etc etc so hopefully they will be able to get some better help or info for you and hope they won't just respond stating some blurb that all import dutys/taxes are your responsibility

wish you the best of luck for getting it all sorted

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