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Nov 20, 2002
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You would be mad to use them.

Ordered stuff from them a month ago, website says shipped next day, and they billed me for it all.

Nothing arrived.

Import Madness have not answered any of the emails I've sent querying this, to any of their listed email addresses.

Import Madness has no telephone number you can call.

Import Madness has a bogus DNS record.

WorldPay are useless and say issue is with site, think it's time to call my credit card company's fraud unit.

I ordered Pop Sands of time and GTA double pack from these on release (US xbox) the games took well over a month to arrive (at least they did eventually)
During that time I sent loads of emails and didn't get one reply.
I wouldn't recommend them either.

Good luck with yours.
Claims of fraud to my credit card company -- backed up by things like bogus DNS records for domain and no phone numbers -- seem to have sped things along between my CC company and Worldpay.

Full refund from Worldpay, hurrah.

Will never, ever go near Import Madness again; even if they are not fraudsters they are a terrible business.


How did you find out that they have a bogus dns record?
Looked it up with a WHOIS query.

Since my post and complaints to CC company and WorldPay it's been updated with real information; either that or there was something serious wrong with their DNS record the other day.

There is no reason why any legitimate business should have bogus and/or incomplete information in their DNS, in fact in some countries it's a legal requirement to have correct information in there.

I ordered SWG from Importmadness, had LOADS of problems, took my money immediately and lied about shipping - didn't reply to any emails, but I managed to corner the guy in a mirc chatroom; finally got a full refund.
Phew, glad I haven't ordered from them ever then. I thought it was too good to be true to have a UK import site with prices that good. No, if I import I'm gonna import from Free worldwide delivery. It's Canadian so the prices in GBP would be very acceptable.

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