import duty on projectors?


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Jan 28, 2002
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whats the "taric code" for projectors and duty?
can these be labelled as "computer parts"
what rates of duty have people actually been charged
im talking about non eu imports eg.from USA
My understanding is that they are treated as computer peripherals and that you "only" have to pay VAT.
Codes under Taric for video projectors are:

- 8528 30 Video projectors
- - 8528 30 05 Video projectors operating by means of a flat panel display (for example, a liquid crystal device), capable of displaying digital information generated by an automatic data-processing machine
- - 8528 30 20 Other
- - - 8528 30 20 Colour
- - - - 8528 30 20 10 Video projector consisting of three cathode-ray tubes each with a lens, for use in certain types of aircraft
- - - - 8528 30 20 90 Other

I think customs would argue for 8528 30 20 90 which is 14% duty plus a further 17.5% for VAT on the total.

Code 8528 30 05 is 0% duty but seems to be referring to LCD screens. I have vague recollections of seeing something recently that suggested the tarrifs might be changed to introduce duty on LCD screens not intended for "computer use". then again I may have imagined it.

I'm sure if you ask customs the'd let you know their stance.
I saw that but wondered whether
the classification 8528 30 was generic crt projectors
as opposed to newer dlp.
Now it could be argued that it was a computer display
product, anway ive sent an email to nearest office.
The actual TARIC code is; 8528691000
and it´s 0,0 % duty from USA or whatewer the country
it's just the VAT that apply...
The actual TARIC code is; 8528691000
and it´s 0,0 % duty from USA or whatewer the country
it's just the VAT that apply...

Yup that's the TARIC for a DLP projector and it 0 duty just VAT. :)

Which taric code would apply on a LCOS projector, i`m thinking of importing a Sony projector and called customs here in Sweden where i live and they said 14% duty. I assume they used the "8528 30 20 90 Other" code but which is the correct one?
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what everyone has forgotten to mention here are the other charges that will need to be paid

these are

1. use of deferment account if you don`t have one

2. airline handling cost

3. inbound vat

4. duty

you will pay 20% vat on all these charges as well and even vat on the freight charges and air transport costs, they will calculate a VAT value adjustment as well don`t forget

so you will pay all this and could have no UK warranty so bear that in mind
On LCOS, there is no duty. Japan for example, don't use the taric system so you can ask the seller to write the appropriate taric code on the package.

Deferment account is only needed if you want to defer duty but i assume it's a free option?

VAT is of course a given.
so are you saying you don't have to pay any deferment fee's, is their a way round it?

if so please tell me how as I have to pay them with every imported screen


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