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Hi all, fairly new to the home theatre / physical media world and already getting the bug! 😄

I am tempted by some imported 4k steelbooks but wanted to know if there were any reasons as to why not to purchase an import from for example, France.

Would they by default be dubbed to the country of sale?

The movies in question were shot in English, so are there any implications from a French copy, apart from the obvious of the physical text being in French.

Appreciate any responses to this.

Jim Di Griz

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Definitely google specific titles. Some French blu-rays have no English subtitles for instance. German and Italian ones are usually fine - but not always.


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This is a copy I'm referring to, so would this be dubbed in Dutch by default and I can manually change it to English?

brian s

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In my experience most foreign discs usually have the original language soundtrack. So if it's an English language film the English soundtrack will almost certainly be included. I've bought many discs when I've been on holiday in the likes of Germany and France and every one had the original English soundtrack included.


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