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I'm new to the forum and home cinema in general, and i am hoping you can point me in the right direction on a few issues. I've posted in the Denon forum as this is what i am planning on using.

Okay, The kit i have started to buy / intend to buy is as follows:

Denon 2807
MA Radius 270's (fronts)
MA Radius 180 (centre)
MA Radius 45's (rear)

Sony RDR-HX710 DVD recorder / HD

My questions are:

Will the Denon 2807 upscale picture from the DVD to HDMI of equal quality to buying a HDMI DVD? (the Sony's highest quality outputs are component)

If i run my antenna signal through the DVD can this then be upscaled to HDMI by the Denon?

My intended TV is a Sony KDL-40V2000 which has only one HDMI input. i would intend supplying this by the denon only thus using it as a switch. i would also connect the antenna straight to the TV so i wouldn't have to use the home cinema when the missus is in bed!

Does all of the above sound possible, or can you suggest any alternative connections? i am just trying to achieve the best picture / sound i can within my budget, which i suspect applies to everyone here!

Many Thanks everybody.


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The Denon 2807 doesn't upscale signals, it converts them from one format to another, but the resolution stays the same. The cheapest Denon that has upscaling in the amp is the 4306, but that has an RRP of £1500.

You can route all your inputs through the Denon, and then run a single cable to your TV, but remember that you will need to have the amp turned on to use any sources that aren't connected directly to your TV.

How many sources are you using? It may be simpler to connect your DVD straight to the TV, and have a digital audio connection to the amp.


now i'm starting to learn!

i wanted to keep the amount of equipment to a minimum, i.e be able to watch DVD, record TV, listen to CD's which is my reasoning with the Sony, and I may also use my PS2 in this room.

My priorities are high quality music and high quality DVD picture / surround sound in equal measure. i was blown away by the sound of the Monitor Audios's when i demo'd them, however this was through a Yamaha amp which could not use the sub in stereo modes (?), the dealer therefore recommended a Denon as i would want the sub running.

Would i be better off buying a denon DVD player with HDMI, and a PVR (or get Sky+) for recording? (I can't find any Denon DVD recorders).



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I don't know too much about DVD recorders to be honest, I still use VHS for the little recording I do.

Panasonic do a DVD-R/HDD recorder with HDMI upscaling, which you could connect via the amp with HDMI, this would then pass the scaled signal on to the TV. I'm pretty sure these machines will only upscale the DVD output though, and not images from the built in tuner.

Panasonic DMREX75

You could go for a Denon, or indeed any manufacturers upscaling player, then add a PVR/Sky+ and switch all these through the amp. The Topfield PVR gets good reviews.

Paul Mela

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I've got the same speakers and amp and am completely happy with the setup, it looks and sounds good. The only difference is I went for the Denon 1920 dvd player.
You didn't happen to demo that lot in Sevenoaks did you?


Thanks for your help!

Paul, do you find this set-up is good for music? i did demo it in Sevenoaks, Manchester

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