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Looking to pick up the Sony STRDH820 which looks a steal. Gives me everything I want and for the right price for me.

Only slight question is that it specifies that speakers with an impedance of 8-16 Ohms must be used.

I've got a QAV system and the sattellites have an impedance of 6 Ohms.

Is there gonna be a problem?

Thanks for your advice,



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Don't worry, with normal usage 6 ohms is OK.

Lower, say 4 ohms and running at high volumes, may cause overheating but there are plenty of safety mechanisms built in to the design to shut things down if the amplifier gets really hot.


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Sony's advice in regards to the impedance comes about because of Sony not paying for and submitting their budget amps for testing with that impedance. Their advice is to cover their own backs against litigation and in accordance with regulations in the USA.

Any amp is safe to use with any impedance as long as you don't make heavy demands on the amp in terms of volume. This isn't and shouldn't be an issue with 6ohm speakers. Issues could arise (as already mentioned) with speakers of a lesser impedance, such as 4 ohm or lower.


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Thanks for your replies. I see what you're saying about covering their backs, but I do like to play music and movies reasonably loud.

Will stew it over and ask the guys at RS when I go in there tomorrow.



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