Impedance confusion!


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I'm new to this forum - so hello to everybody.

I need some input on some M&K speakers.

Basically I'm considering setting up the following hardware:

Yamaha RX-V1400RDS
3x M&K K17
4x M&K K4
1x M&K K10 sub

So: Questions.
(1) Any idea how that setup would fill a 4.25 by 7m room?
(2) It seems that the K17s are 4ohm, but the K4s are 8ohm tripoles! Would this be ok for the amp? Would they sound as loud at the same level? Is it normal that speakers in the same range (which are reccomended as a set) are of a different impedance?

Thanks guys (& gals!!).


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Hi Sniper
The k-4s are 4 ohms so no problem there,Try and get a demo of the speakers using the yamaha receiver as the m/ks can sound harsh if not matched with the right electronics.you would be better of trying to pick up a second hand receiver such as the denon A11sr which has plenty of power and would match the m/ks well.On the sub front i would also look at more powerful subs from the likes of b&w and of course svs.
Cheers Gonzo.:)
PS there was a denon A11sr in the classifieds i think for £700 which is a bargain.

Ian J

The K4 speakers are 4 ohm so the impedance of all the speakers will be the same. I don't know where the confusion has arisen from as I have noticed it before so assume that there is a publicly available document containing incorrect information floating about.

You have a largeish room and whilst I don't think the satellites will have trouble coping I do have my reservations about the subwoofer which is possibly not powerful enough and also too expensive.

Personally I would look elsewhere for a subwoofer and if it must be a diminutive one I would suggest the B&W ASW675 as a suitable replacement.


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Hi Sniper
The k-4s are definitely 4 ohms has i and ianj own a pair so no worries.
Cheers Gonzo.


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Thank you all for your input!

It did seem wierd that they didn't have matched impedance...

Since you mentioned that the bass might lack, would the same kit sound better in a 4.25 by 4.5 room ? And how about the Yamaha RX-V2400RDS? HCC say it's a great amp!

In general would the MK subs be somewhat lacking? I mean should I always consider something else for a sub - maybe cheaper but more powerful? An REL?

Cheers - again!

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