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I just happened to be on the imac and thought i get some video of the camera and see if i like 08 any better.

I have a video of about 40mins, and when imported has about 80+ clips seperated. Is it not possible to copy the whole lot to the movie window? When doing select, it only selects each clip, not all clips :mad: Instead you select each clip and press E, - surely i command could of done the whole movie (Select All)

I thought the whole ideai was that it was faster to make a movie :confused:, i can do this quicker in 06. Its taking ages to copy clip by clip. Theres not even a Select All in the edit menu, this is worse than i thought. Why spend 10 mins doing it, when 5 secs is only required.


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If you move the slider at the bottom right of the clip window all teh wy to the right it shows a single frame for the whole movie/clip as appropriate (rather than a keyframe every x seconds) ... it should reduce the number of clips visible ... splogde-A to select the complete self-contained clip/movie ... then 'E' to assemble in project window ...

But no there does not appear to be a way of selecting all the clips and dumping them in a single go into the project window ...



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Oh dear here we go again.....Use iMovieHD if you like it so much better, or just make certain that you don't shoot 80 scenes in 40 minutes, or don't let it split it up......Alternatively just drag them into the project window and you are done....

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