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richard plumb

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I've been reading a lot of complaints about imovie 08. Some about lack of features which I don't mind so much as I just want fairly simple edits.

but lots of comments about the quality of the exporting. Seems that if you import from an interlaced source (eg DV which I am) imovie is throwing away alternate lines.

Now I can understand this to speed up editing, but its keeping that quality loss when exporting - resulting in jaggies and blurryness. Even stranger as it seems to keep the original DV quality in the imported files if you open them in Finder.

Anyone comment on this? I really like the approach imovie 08 is taking with the scrubbing/selecting etc. But is it currently unusable if your target is DVD?

Any way around this?

BTW, I've also downloaded imovie 06, which apparantly gives good output quality. But I'm reimporting the previously captured DV footage from the HDD and it appears to be making copies as my free space is dropping rapidly. That seems stupid as the original files are there in the first place.

Also doesn't seem as straightforward to find my clips and organise them. Oh well, I'll persevere with both, but I'd like a solution to get good quality output from 08 for DVD


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Imovie is a godsend for organising, though i really like 06, i have been importing all my dv tapes into 08 for visual organising, sometimes dates can get a little wrong in the list (if for some reason your camera has screwed up, i had a couple of clips with 2015, etc), but you can easily correct things and put them into right events, etc but changing them in the movies folder manually. Its a little buggy at times.

Edit - actually i remember i did a export test last week and the quality was bad!!, and the original files were fine, is it really not designed for quality dvd output and catering for the tubetube and mobile phone users. I havent tried the quicktime exports yet, seems silly to find the best options.

At the mo i using it for cataloging the files and will be editing the original dv files on 06 which is just better.


I am trying to export a series of test clips - now the original dv files imported into 08 are in quicktime player - DV 720 x 576 (768 x 576 - actual) not sure what the bracket ones mean?.

So i am exporting these test files from 08 media browser with the highest option available to me 640 x 360 , the video clips are now cropped high wise!, not sure if this has anything to do with video square pixels, etc, sure i can bring in individual clips into idvd at full quality and non-cropped, not a edited movie exported file - till i/we know the right export settings, but its not good for software that makes it easy :(


richard plumb

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how are you using imovie 08 to organise but 06 to edit? I had to reimport the DV files from the HDD into 06 (which took ages) but then they are organised by import time, not anything like how 08 does it.

As for exporting, seems any export method from 08 currently is borked. It uses an internal resolutoin of 960x540, so any output is scaled again from that.

Not really sure why they did that. Especially when they also ship iDVD with ilife, so they do expect people to want to burn DVDs.

Will play a little more with both. If I can live with the quality loss in 08 I might stick with that as its much simpler to use and the organiser is genius.


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Well the plan is that 08 has organised the dv clips into 'event' folders which are in the movies folder (user home folder), so its just a case of the movie you want to edit and drag all those clips into 06.

richard plumb

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makes sense. It also breaks up by day which is pretty nice

just blundered through and finally have my clips in separate imovie 6 HD projects, not duplicated. (although I still have the original imovie 08 imported ones)

Once done I'll record them back to tape as DV as well as put them in iDVD. Then I'll back up the projects to an external HDD, and delete the original footage.

Should only take a few more weekends!

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