imovie 08 - major quality loss?

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
I've been reading a lot of complaints about imovie 08. Some about lack of features which I don't mind so much as I just want fairly simple edits.

but lots of comments about the quality of the exporting. Seems that if you import from an interlaced source (eg DV which I am) imovie is throwing away alternate lines.

Now I can understand this to speed up editing, but its keeping that quality loss when exporting - resulting in jaggies and blurryness. Even stranger as it seems to keep the original DV quality in the imported files if you open them in Finder.

Anyone comment on this? I really like the approach imovie 08 is taking with the scrubbing/selecting etc. But is it currently unusable if your target is DVD?

Any way around this?

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