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I was just wasting some idle time going through old threads here and elsewhere from when iMessage was launched. For such a simple concept it didn't half confuse some people a lot.

For a bit of fun I thought I would do a recap on some of the misconceptions about iMessage :)

This may also be useful for new users of ipad/iphone who wish to filter out the wheat from the chaff.

1) We have four devices on the same itunes account, imessage is rubbish as we cannot message each other - This is incorrect. You can have the same iTunes account, just set up a different iCloud account for each device.

2) I cannot hide my phone number on iMessage - This is incorrect. iMessages allows you to receive at multiple addresses, phone number and emails. Use the caller ID option to set it to be email address only.

3) I have iMessage on both ipad and iphone and they do not sync, therefore iMessage is phail - This is incorrect. Make sure the phone is set to also receive imessages at the email address you use for the iPad

4) I don't see the point of iMessage as I get free unlimited texts so why bother using it - Not everybody has unlimited texts so some will save money. Also iMessage is free country to country, texts are not necessarily free. Thirdly pictures can be sent as iMessage, pictures by texts cost.

5) Whats the point in having two ID's one for Imessage and one for text - You don't need to - see above, use multiple addresses but one ID.

6) iMessage will cost me in international roaming data rates - Turn off data roaming and use in a wifi area, problem solved.

But my personal favourite is "imessage is useless, it requires the other person to have the app open otherwise they will not receive notifications.

I loved this one because there was a massive hoohar about it on the forums and on twitter about this app being like "whats app" and nothing new. When the fact was that the information spreading about was that people had to download a seperate app called iMessenger - their sales soared, the app was rubbish and it was nothing to do with apple/iMessage. I spent a good few hours on twitter just telling random casualties that they got the wrong thing.

Please feel free to add to the memories of iMessage launch.


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Another cool feature is that you can see when a message has been received and read (if they have this enabled)

And it's great for group chats when a few of you all have iMessage. I use this alot between a few of my mates for random banter :devil:


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whatsapp > imessenger by 1000 times!!!


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I haven't tried whats app. I don't use IM clients. But I do know there are better ones than iMessenger :)

Whats app must be good its been in top ten for yonks


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This may be confusing, when I'm in Asia (I have a local SIM) I Imessage all the time to UK and States and normally my email address and sometimes my Indonesian number will appear.. When I'm home some people still get my email address instead of my UK/US number. What is the best way to get round this is it to send my contact card to everyone Imessage and then where ever I am in the world it will just come up with my name that they stored it on they're contacts list?

Thanks in advance :smashin:


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Hi Alan,

There should be a setting - settings-messages-Receive at - check both email address and number are in there. But also check your call ID option. You can only call ID from one of those.

If it is call IDing you from both then its possible sometimes you are not sending as imessage but as text message. Text messages will be in green, imessages are blue.

I think probably the best way to ensure that everyone uses the same is to remove one of the imessage addresses from your phone. So use either email address or phone number then there will be no confusion. There is no real need to receive at two addresses unless you want to sync your messages with another device - i.e. ipad, ipod, etc.

In addition, as it is a phone I would recommend using the phone number not the email address. That way texts will convert to free imessage if the other is using an iphone but neither of you know it. It just automatically detects iphone to iphone and switches itself - it won't do that if you use email address, you would have to give everyone your email and that is annoying.
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