IMAX setup for home! Croudsourcing from experts here!

Shyam Sundar

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What's up people!!! To start with I'm not a cinema setup guru... In an absolute non-tech guy with a frugal outlook wrt. my money :p

Having said that, in highly ambitious about getting best viewing solution at the best price for my viewing experience...

So here's a thought that has been mulling in my head without giving me s moment's peace and I thought there are many who probably have the same thoughts but no direction- like me :)

So I had read a lot of articles that stated that IMAX had finally stepped into the home theaters business with their IMAX hone theater versions...

W while this sounds great! The caveat here is that IMAX charges the IMAX aspirant upwards of 2 million dollars which I'm sure is way beyond our budgets... Having said that, my quirk was also that it's about getting the right viewing experience and "we the people" can share ideas in terms of alternate/ DIY setups that will help all of us take some progressive steps and setup the "next best thing" :)

Here's what I know and have in terms of information.

1) aspect ratio goes beyond the standard 2.38:1 - key difference is the height of the screen

2) viewing angle: immersive experience add per IMAX is achieved as the viewing angle in IMAX is between 60%-70% as against 45%-58% in the standard theater formats

3) sound: as IMAX is all about propriety stuff, they haven't shared the specifications of doing systems, number of channels etc... We do know there are 2 fronts (gigantic speakers) and 1 gargantuan woofer behind the screen followed by surround speakers around the movie hall

4) 2D&3D- they have a dual projection system with linear polarized technology.. While there are rumors again are that they're working with Dolby on viewing solutions- but nothing specific I could find out.

This is all I have this far... I wanted to open this thread to discuss and crowdsource for ideas if you share my ambition that We CAN setup the solution closest to IMAX experience without spending a fortune.

So let's share ideas, opinions, suggestions and get the dream manifest in reality!!

Thanks... Shyam :)

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