Imaging PCs from pxe????


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Hello there,

We are trying to make imaging of our networked pcs from the pxe, currently we are using usb keys to get the image done from on pcs using norton ghost.

Can anyone explain how we would go about initiating the pxe method, and do we need any software installed on the network to be able to do this?



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Yes, have fun :) if I were you, it'd take a while to copy and paste what a quick search brought up onto the forum!


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why did you even bother? I know there is google, but I was looking to hear from people that do this everyday or have done so.

But if you looked up how to do it first, then asked more specific questions on stuff you were uncertain about, that would surely have been better than basically asking someone to write you a step by step tutorial who doesn't exactly have the time to do so - or did you just want someone to search google or wiki for you and post up a link to "this is a good tutorial, I just found it using google"?


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Remote Installation Services or a variety of commerical packages i.e. Altiris springs to mind.

PXE basically broadcasts on the network saying "hey who can help me boot" this is then answered by a server which starts a PXE boot process off.

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