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Just thought I would share a revelation that I had last night whilst reading What Camcorder... Some of you more experienced camcorder peeps might already know all this.
I have been on the lookout for a MiniDV camcorder for a while now and thought I had made the perfect choice with the Panny GX7. Now, not having the steadiest hand in the world, I soon realised how much I needed an image stabiliser.. Little did I know that there are about three varieties! My first thought was that the GX7 was a brilliant cam packed full of features and by and large it is. I thought this until it came to watching the pics back and realising that they had probably saved a few quid when it came to designing the image stabiliser. Everytime I zoomed in and out on something it would switch off and I would go from a nice (albeit digitally and pixellated) smooth picture to a jerky effort that looked just plain rubbish! TO cut a long story short I sold the camcorder and am now on the look out for another.
It was only last night that I realised where I went wrong. I found out that its Digital Stabilisers that I don't like! I was always impressed by the stabilisers on Sony models and now I realise that they all use 'Electronic' Stabilisers! I always knew about 'Optical' stabilisers but for my budget they were always out of reach..
Perhaps someone out there has an idea which manufacturers tend to use which stabiliser cos in my opinion they don't make this clear enough.. Usually they hide the specs behind some fancy name like 'Super Image Stabiliser' and 'Super Steady Shot'
Anyway.. I hope this helps those who are on the look out like me..

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