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I am having really bad image retention problems when using my PS3 via HDMI. Just finished watching Casino Royale and because it has black bars they got retained on the screen as well as the options when you press select.

This also happens when playing games on the PS3. The odd thing is my Wii and when watching normal TV its fine, I can watch football and not have any retention problems and play Zelda for hours.

I got told my TV has a memory for each input, but my settings stay the same no matter what is connected :rolleyes:

Can any one help, its driving me nuts having to look at white fuzz every time I use my PS3 :lease:

EDIT: Just to add before any one says it I have dynamic mode off, it's set to custom that are all set well below half way.


I used to get it on all of the 50px60's I had but it never led to burn in. I think they all show signs of retention. I've not seen one plasma that doesnt after gaming even though many claim they have no image retention ever - but one white or black screen soon proves that wrong. If it was me I'd get the screen run in 200+ hours as fast as possible, like you said you got the things turned down, just use it and dont worry about image burn, if it happens it happens but chances are it will not and you'll be doing your head in worrying about it :) get it run it and say sod it use n abuse - from what I have seen the pannys can take it :)


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I have had a similar experience with my ps3 and PX60. With every other source there has been no retention whatsoever, no matter how long I watch.

But with the ps3, even after a 5 minutes of messing around with the settings in the XMB retention is visible.It's only noticeable when you are very close to the tv displaying a black background. It is not visible when any image is displayed.

The retention fades quite quickly and even after a 12hr online gaming marathon it has never ever resulted in screen burn.

I wouldn't worry about it. Odd that it is only the ps3 though:confused:


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Thanks guys for your replies, it was not the image retention as such that was worrying but more to do with it only ever happens when playing my PS3.

Just did not know if there was another menu for screen settings, as a lot of people have told me that you should be able to set up different settings for each input i.e. Scart and HDMI should be able to have different settings.

But never mind, just have to keep an eye on it and hope it never burns in.

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