Image retention on LCD ??


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I`ve got a 19" LCD computer monitor and have recently been getting image retention ( burn in). And it hasn`t gone away in 3 weeks.

Any ideas ? Is my screen faulty, but I didn`t think this could happen on an LCD.

Nu Breed

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is the 'retention' pink in colour?

Usually this is a electronics issue.

but may have some luck by -

firstly, find & press the 'reset' button. then setup monitor display as usual.
if that doesnt help, proceed with next point at your own risk & discretion

google the web for either
a) service manual
b) service menu (how to access the service menu on your TFT)

the service menu is hidden and usually requires a 'hot key' combination.
once accessed, there may be 'auto scan' settings, contrast, colour settings.
you may be able to tweek a few. but please, proceed with caution & note every setting you alter & do it in increments. (at your own risk)


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Thanks for the advise.

The retention (screen burn?) is grey-ish ghosted image of part of the GUI of a game I`ve been playing (Medieval2). I t looks a bit like embossed paper or a water mark.

I`ve not played excessive but no more than before and this image has not appeared before.

I thought that LCD`s were immune to this sort of thing.

Anyhow I`ve had the thing for 3-4 weeks and it hasn`t faded.

Any ideas. thanks.

Nu Breed

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heres what i know for sure.

traditional CRT 'burn-in' isnt possible on an LCD. CRT screen-burn happens because the phosphors get embedded with the 'light energy' (image) after extended period of time. at bit like photographic paper or your retina when staring at a light source.
LCD's do not have phosphures.

it sounds like you (may) have stuck pixels on a particular colour range.
download this & test your monitor
scroll to bottom of page for Monitor Test (Monitest.exe).

it has loads of features, but real simple point & click tests. great for testing out monitors before purchase & dead pixels.
go through the tests, red, blue, green, greyscale etc & see if the image dissapears on certain colour washes. this may identify if you screen has stuck pixels on a specific colour range, or electronics arent 'refreshing' correctly.

sorry i cannot provide definitive remedy :mad:
let us know how you get on :)


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Thanks for replies Nu Breed

Tried your suggestions-they didn`t work sadly.:(

Any others? Do yoy think my Dell is faulty-hope not as it`s out of warranty.

Nu Breed

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Most likely you've got a electronics fault.
something isnt refreshing correctly. The annoying thing is it will (most likely) be a 25p resister, capacitor or triac etc.

If it was me, i'd have a close look at the pins on your cable. would a break in one of the miniature cables cause this due to lack of signal no reaching the TFT? if you are able to swop the VGA/DVI cable or borrow one, who knows?

it just seems odd the way the pixels have 'stuck' with an image.
tiger123, i'm fresh out of ideas now.

kind regards

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