Image retention on 7 year old Pana


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I have a mid-2013 Panasonic TX-P65ST60E so it's almost seven years old. I'm not boring you with all the settings but the main ones are: trueCunema, contrast +60, brightness +1, warm, pixel orbiter on.

Out of 7 year, 2 has not been used, so in practice it has been used for 5 years. Duringt he first 3 years it's been on for 4 hours a day, during the last 2 years much more, often also all day long and in any case on average 7 hours a day. In short, it exceeded 10,000h, perhaps approaching 15,000h.

My problem is neither brightness nor calibration, but the image retentiim of tv channels logos in certain scenes with light backgrounds. The strange thing is that if I run the scrolling bars, the retention is not seen, but if I watch a film the ligos are often seen on creamy or off-white or light gray backgrounds. These logos appear to have been printed permanently as a ghost image.

I also noticed that receivers menu items or the pause/play logos are also retained more easily than before but tend to disappear after a few minutes?

Is this normal? Tips?
Thanks :)
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