Image Problem on Samsung 28" Flatscreen


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I recently got a Samsung Plano Set from skybuy for 199 which I was very pleasef with but have since noticed a few problems.

1: On the left of the image appears to be several vertical lines and discolouration runnind down the screen. very noticeable when watching football or on pans.

2: Whites/ligts project a light band out to the right which can be seen on darks. such as end credits you see a band of white to the right of the text. The band of light is the same size as the light area.

I have tried changing the settings for contrast and brightness and have had no luck. I get the problems from sky/DVD/Consoles both RGB and composite. Any one come accross this before?


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I had a 21" samsung plano and i got the exactly same lines running down the lefthand side of the screen.

I tried everything and in the end i put it down to a problem with the scart on the tv,as i needed a scart socket for sky/dvd,i took the tv back and changed it for another make (Aiwa trinitron) and everything fine now.

If its easy to send back?? get it changed for another one and see if that one ok or just put it down to a samsung problem and keep it or buy another make like i did.


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Searching through the archives of this forum for samsung and problem in this tv forum you get a few hits with the same fault. Seems to be a feature of the set. Maybe its something you have to live with. So many sets have niggly little faults like this.

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