image glitches with Pioneer DV-400 K and Samsung M86 40" combo


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Jan 6, 2008
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This is my first post but I'll just ask my question right away :D

I have since last week a Samsung 40" M86 full HD TV in combination with a Pioneer 1080p upscaling DV-400 K DVD player connected with the high end Belkin HDMI cable.

Everything looks stunning and the USB entrance on the pioneer works like a charm. :smashin:

However, from time to time, I have a glitch in the image. It happens with a DVD, a Divx film or photo's on USB. I did not see it when connecting my friends Xbox 360 with RGB.

I'm assuming (or rather hoping) the problem has something to do with the player (upscaling?) and not the television. It is not always and not regular. It is a spurious glitch, as if the image starts writing in the middle of the screen. It is just a flash, but very annoying, especially when I think of all the money that went into this apparatus :mad:

thanks in advance for all advice and tips :hiya:
It does not do it in 720 p mode, so I'm guessing it has something to do with the upscaling.

Update: I have the impression it stops doing it when I mess around a bit. Like, if I put the dvd player in 720p, and then back in 1080p, it plays like it should (to be confirmed).

Should I contact the shop? Do I have a 'monday morning' specimen?
Anyone? :lease:

A friend of mine working in visualization suggests the cable has issues with the high frequency with wich the 1080p is transfered. He thinks it's the cable.

I will try my dvd player on a friends Sharp full HD with my cable and his cable to see if I can reproduce and as such trouble shoot my way into the culprit.

So, I've tried my cable on my friends set-up (upscaling dvd and full-hd tv, also ps3 and full hd) --> no problem.

I tried my dvd player on his set up with my cable --> no problem.

His dvd player, my cable on my tv --> no problem

My dvd player, his cable on my tv --> no problem.

My cable, my dvd player, my tv --> glitches !

It seems to be the combination of my cable on my TV!
When I wiggle his cable in my tv --> no problem.

So... I'm at a loss, but I think I should go back with the cable.

I went to the store. They changed my Belkin cable for the same one.

I don't experience the problem anymore. Best I can think of was a combination of tolerances on the HDMI receiver on my TV set and the cable.

Which goes to show how we're really on the limit of performance with 1080p signals through HDMI. (apparently, 1080P signals work at a substantially higher frequency than 720P or lower and thus more susceptible to interference).

I also noticed with all this trying out that the best performance of my TV-dvd player combination seems to be to let the DVD player do the de-interlacing and the TV the upscaling.
Hello i have the same problem. Did you resolve it?

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