iMac won't talk to my Sony TRV33



I'm a bit new to all this video editing but I do know a bit about Macs.
I've just bought a TRV33, got a firewire (iLink) cable plugged into the camcorder and my iMac, switched them both on - and nothing happens.
The handbook doesn't cover firewire connections for a Mac and I've been through all the options - I've even turned on the DV in-on option on the VCR menu.
The software on the CD runs on OS Classic and I want to use iMovie in OSX.
I'm sure I've missed something obvious, can anyone help?

Duncan Craig

Established Member
What are you expecting to happen?!

Just run iMovie, ****** to the software on the CD it's crap, I have a 33 and lots of Macs too, just run iMovie or whatever you have on OSX. The computer doesn't mount the camera like a firewire drive for example, you have to open an app to control the camera like iMovie of FCP, Premiere, Avid DV etc.


Cheers for that - I kind of sussed it. I pressed play on the camcorder and the Mac connected and started to record.
Now I'm trying to put on effects at certain times and it's not registering them.
This is going to be a long, funny night I can tell...

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