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O.K. quick question, nearly sold on getting a white macbook.
But I have a thought on the imac, can they be mounted on the wall like a flat screen?
Anybody done it and got pics?



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It used to be possible to mount the old 24" but I don't think the new models can be. Nothing in the Apple store to do so, only for the Cinema displays.


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iMac can't be wall hung easily - there's no VESA mounting holes on the back, and the stand isn't removable without taking the case apart.

It might be possible to make a custom mount to replace the stand.


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There are no mounting points on the back of the iMac. You need a special mounting adaptor to use where the stand usually shoves into the back.

Or get a Mac Mini and any monitor and speakers of your choice to hang on the wall. Is possibly a better bet anyway to keep USB and CD/DVD drives within reach


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Thanks for the replies guys:hiya:

Guess its look at mini mac and macbook then.

If you go for the mac mini, you should note that it is due for an upgrade. Many rumour pundits thought this would transpire at Macworld a week or two ago.
There's nothing worse than seeing your new toy being superseded the day after you buy it.


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Interesting, but can't see how it would fit. My 24" alu iMac doesn't have any visible screws securing the back panel - is it just a dummy cover that pops off?


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It involves taking the iMac to bits and fitting this into where the stand goes in the back of the unit. Bit of a mare to be honest, a Mac Mini and choice of monitor seems a better idea to me.


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Thanks again to everybody.

Took the wife to the mac store today and I think it's gonna be a 20" imac

Going back later today and pulling the trigger:rolleyes:

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