Imac optical jack work around for head phones?


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Ok I need a work around for this problem as I'm sick of plugging and unplugging the optical cable for my headphones each time I want to use either the speakers or the headphones due to the stupid design of some sort of physical switch inside the jack.

Ideally a software fix would be nice but I don't think this is possible?

Only other thing I can think of doing is leaving the headphones plugged in and buy some speakers that go through USB?

Any help with this would be much appreciated!


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Leave speakers plugged in and use a bluetooth headset. Reroute the audio with SoundSource as needed.


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Thanks for the ideas but no good really, sorry should of added i already own some turtle beach X41s which i use on my iMac for movies at night and also on my 360 so i don't really want to replace them.

I think the best and cheapest option is leave optical going to the X41s plugged in and get a usb sound card and attach to some speakers nice pc speakers as this is only for a bit of music and tv in the evening while I'm sat in front of the mac.
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