iMac intel logic board repair

Discussion in 'Apple Forum' started by udzy, Sep 1, 2013.

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    the applecare warranty on my 2010 27" iMac ran out a few weeks ago so I thought I'd be brave and upgrade the HDD to an SDD.

    Bad idea! I was a bit ham fisted when connecting the large LCD connector on the logic board so a few pins have been ripped off. When turning the power on the display seems duller and flickers so there is obvious damage.

    After some research I found the connector online for a mere £12 but would a repair be possible as it involves soldering approximately 30 pins on the board?

    Any professional outfits people recommend (apart from Apple themselves). There are firms online that advertise component level repair of logic boards but difficult to say who to trust...

    A new logic board isn't an option as I was planning to wait and buy the imminent updated iMac anyway.

    Many thanks.
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