iMac, HP S3240 or fix my Dell Inspiron 530s?


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Received my new Dell Inspiron 530s last Wednesday (500GB, 3MB Ram, Intel e6550 processor etc). Performance is outstanding when on the internet (which will be my main use) but the fan noise is unacceptably high. Have tried a few fixes via Dell support, but no joy and they are recommending an engineer pays me a visit next week, which unfortunately will be after the 7 day "no quibble" return policy. Do I....

1. Bite the bullet, keep the Dell and try and get them to fix it (bearing in mind there might not actually be anything wrong and my expectations are too high - although I very much hope not as this is way louder than anything else I / friends have ever had)

2. Buy the HP Pavillion S3240 (similar spec)

3. Get the new iMac

I would really like to get the new iMac as I'm a sucker for form over substance - but it looks to have a much lower spec (250GB, 1MB). If I go for either 2 or 3 I would purchse from John Lewis so I could return, again within the week if unsatisfied.

Any suggestions?


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I presume you have searched and updated the bios, alot of people are finding this fixes their noise.

I actually have a 24" imac, it a brilliant machine in terms of style. Recommend it.

I am currently debating between a Mac Mini or a 530s to use as a HTPC. I dont really need a tuner but I do want to run some basic games which is whats making me consider the 530s. How have you found it other than the noise?


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I have just bought 2 of them and am trying to return them......they are sat on the desk is so loud....2 running in the same room impossibly loud.
dont buy!

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