I'm trying to find a 4K TV for movies, games, and Netflix around $1500


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I've been looking to upgrade my seven year old TV for a 4K TV, but while doing research I came out with more questions than answers as there are so many brands, models, versions.

My budget is around $1500, and I'm looking for 55-inch (or 65-inch, but I'll be pushing the size for the small room as I'll be sitting 8-feet away) 4K TV that will work best for movies, games, and streaming (such as Netflix).

I'll be using the TV on a somewhat small room, usually after 6pm, so mostly it's going to be a dark room.
The primary content will be movies and online streaming. I'll be doing gaming, but casual gaming.

So far in my list are the Sony X950G or X900F, or Samsung Q80R or Q9FN. (I'm mentioning these TVs, but I'm open to suggestions to other TVs, if anyone can share some advice would be greatly appreciated.)

I was going to go with the Sony X950G because of good reviews and they're great TVs, but I don't think I'll be comfortable spending a lot of money to get such noticeable blooming, and every time I ask around no one mentions me a Samsung TV, and on reviews most always reviewers say that the image quality of Samsung is not really natural. So, it's been really hard to find the right TV.

Is there any TV equal or close to the X950G technology and features, but without blooming?

Also, I've been contemplating going OLED. These are the TVs, I found in my price range LG C9, Sony A8G.

While it's known that OLED are better for picture quality and perfect blacks, I'm one of those concerned about burn-in with gaming, using the same applications (Xbox, Netflix, YouTube, etc), and workout videos which have may static images.

In addition, because OLED have individual pixels, is it more likely to have dead pixels that LED TVs? Is this common on TVs? I have an OLED phone and I do have some dead pixels.

PS: I originally posted this on Reddit, before I found avforums.

Thank you.


You need to decide whether OLED is for you or not before contemplating different models, generally it will give you the biggest gain in picture quality.

See: LCD versus OLED

If you buy at the right time, you may also find a 65" one within budget, such as last years LG B8 here: LG 65" OLED B8 Series 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV OLED65B8PUA | Dell USA

Come black friday, maybe the new B9 will drop lower too.

Regarding burn in, see: OLED Burn In Risk

Once you narrow down which technology sounds best for your usage, it makes it easier making a decision, since you can't really compare picture quality between OLED and LCD.

OLEDs have the same amount of pixels as LCD TVs, you aren't any more likely to see dead pixels.


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@Dodgexander thank you for the reply.

Of course, I understand that you can't compare traditional LCD with OLED panels.

I think I'll be going with the traditional LED technology. Now, having decided in the technology, and I understand that blooming is part of the LED TV technology, what TV would you say be the best option for movies, gaming, and streaming in a not so bright room.

As I mentioned in the original post, my shortlist includes Sony X950G or X900F, or Samsung Q80R or Q9FN any advise on these or a better recommendation in the $1500 price range?



It depends how much you value better HDR performance. If you don't need anything more than "good" HDR then you need to look no farther than the Samsung Q70R or Sony X900F.

If you are looking for more striking HDR, that is when there's value for money to be found in higher end models such as the Sony X950G, Samsung Q80R/Q90R and last years Q9FN.

So, it depends on the price you have for each TV and how much you care about HDR performance. Some may be better value for money than others. Typically last years models like the Sony X900F and Samsung Q9FN will be priced better than others as they have already been released over a year.


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@jpr141 I think you still can, Amazon has it for $1600.
Is there a reason why you may not able to buy the 2018 Q9FN?
Dollars? I'm in the UK. I can't see it still for sale here in the UK, not new. And I won't be importing. Not worth extra hassle.


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I see. Maybe Dodgexander knows the Q9FN is still available for your guys new. Maybe that's why he's mentioned it in his post. I see that now. :)

If I were able to buy it new here it would be on my shortlist though. :D It may well be better than the q90r overall.
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