I'm thinking of buying a Mac as I want to do some Video, editing

la gran siete

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It hass been suggested to me that Mac is the one to go for becaise of its graphics capabilities( as well as no virus attacks). A 17" Emac or G5 .Question I have is what should I be looking for in terms of processing speed, Ram and storage space? Also what kind of software should I be looking for ? I'm a newbie is this field btw.Thanks


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On the MAC, I would recommend a G5 rather than an Emac, about a gig of ram and as you import in .dv format, the files can be quite big, so get another hard drive, I use an 120gig at the moment.

iLife 05 gives you the extra bit software you need to author your DVD, but the basic MAC does have iMovie preinstalled.

These pieces of software are basic, but once you learn what you are doing, you can always get the more advanced software later on.

Roy Mallard

Are you a student or do you have any student friends or can you sneak into a campus and use their email?, if you go into the apple site via an ac.uk domain you'll get final cut express for £80.

I use a mac mini with a G4 1.4Ghz and 1gb Ram upgrade, runs better than my 2xP4 3.2Ghz PC.

I would invest in a Lacie firewire drive (for video scratch) and a USB 2.0 keyring drive (even 64mb would do) to hold your programme file, no matter what you buy buy baby, baby buy buy.


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Both will edit the video well (I'm using a 1.25Ghz Powerbook with 1.25GB of RAM) especially if you bump up the RAM.

Where the G5 will shine though is when it comes to encoding it, the G5 is more powerful than the G4 and should speed things up considerably.

I use a LaCie external 7200rpm drive since my 'early' Powerbook only has a 4200rpm drive. But the newer iMacs and eMacs have faster drives so this probably isn't necessary so long as you get a big hard drive. iMovie HD is most definitely enough to get you started (The Missing Manual to iMovie HD will give you lots of useful hints if you want to buy a book) which will come included with your new Mac.

iMovie HD doesn't use a scratch disc. It works by creating a database of your imported clips and referencing points of your movie to them so if you duplicate clips etc, it doesn't double in size, it just creates another link to it.
iMovie HD also works differently from iMovie o4 in that it creates bundles of all your files into a single icon so you wouldn't be able to just drag the 'program file' onto a USB drive as Roy suggests. I have, however, managed to put mine onto my iPod to take to a friend with a dual-G5 to render out for me in iDVD! :D

la gran siete

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Wont let me get into the page I wanted??? Any way it was an Emac :
Apple eMac G4/ 1.42GHz 512/ 160Gb/ 8xDL SuperDrive/ Radeon 9600/ 56k inc OS X 10.4 - Tiger [Refurb].
The Ram is upgradeable to 1Gb, it has superdrive and built in antenaes for airport express

la gran siete

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Having said that this one woulds appears to be the most attractive:
17" 2.0GHz/512 ram/160gb airport extreme/bluetooth = £765.19
Tiger =£50.21

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