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I'm still a little puzzled by subtitles....

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Cameron, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Cameron


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    hello there all. Well the whole HTPC thing is slowly becoming clearer in my mind though I'm still a little unsure of the best method for displaying subtitles on backed up dvd's (uncompressed on the HD using dvd decrypt and powerdvd).

    For a movie without subtitles I just compress the main movie VOB file into one which works a treat in xlobby.

    For subtitles though, the only way i can get them to display is if I use dvd decrypt to decypt the entire dvd. Then I use powerdvd to play the whole folder, select the subtitle on the dvd movies menu and play the movie...which is very long winded and for all the effort i may as well play the movie on my arcam....

    Is there anyway of just having the 1 VOB movie file and another seperate file that contains the relevant subtitles? Then I would hope that when powerdvd plays the VOB file it would also pickup on the subtitles.

    Is this possible?

    thanks for your time.


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