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i'm spinning around........

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by Lighty, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. Lighty

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    Mar 7, 2002
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    East Yorks
    good lord :eek:

    just fished around on several xbox sites and baffled myself....

    i'll get my crystal xbox fron stanton in a day or 2 then hopefully the forum softmod kit will arrive to enable hidef...

    then i thought what about xbmc / aid / emulators (i'm a big mame fan)

    its all bit torrents and compilers etc :rolleyes:

    i was hoping to connect to my pc (either cable or wireless maybe) but am a bit baffled

    if anyone has 10 minutes to help out i'd be grateful.... :thumbsup:

    so, i'll have a crystal xbox, then.....
    can i crock the thing completely by doing any of this ?
    i do get an hour here and there to do this kind of this but my 7 month old takes up a lot of time - in a nice way!!

    1. softmod with the forum kit - this sounds reasonably straight forward :suicide:

    2. install this AID and xbmc (could anyone email them to me or post a CD - i'll cover all costs

    3. hook up the pc to the xbox and read the myriad of files that it can with xbmc - music / films / photos / etc (id there a good program to archive dvds to my hdd?)

    alternatively if anyone is in the east yorks area i'd gladly sort you out with a crate of your favourite tipple for a couple of hours of your time!



    i'm pretty green at this networking / modding caper (you'd never guess!) so thanks a lot for any help

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