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I'm so confused...:(((



Hello,I've been reading the Forum for a while and now I've decided to register,because i have so many questions.
First of all I would like to appologise if I've chosen the wrong subforum.And second.. :oops: sorry for my bad english :(
So,I've decided to buy a new TV set and a DVD home theater system.For now I've stopped on Philips 32pw9509.And now I'll start with the questions:
1.Which technology is better LCD or Plazma or Rear projection?
2.Can you,please,advise me which model from the 32"(or little more)LCD,Plazma,or Rear projection is good enaugh for about $2400 (or slightly more)
3.And the last thing-Can you suggest me a good DVD home cinema.I would like it to have DivX support.I've chosen one model:philips lx3950w(mostly because the rear speakers are wireless).
I'would be very gratefull if you help.
Thank you for the help

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer

Welcome to the forums.

I don't have either an LCD, plasma or rear projection TV so can't tell you from experience but LCD is the newer technology of the three, so if it was my choice that's what I would go for.

Your second question, is that $2400USD?

Also by DVD Home Cinema, do you mean one of these All-in-one setups. If you do I would have a look at our All-in-one forum, there are many threads there about them, Denon seems to be an often talked about one.


Prominent Member
1) I dont think one is 'better' than the other, they are simply different - if there was a clear winner the others wouldnt be in production any longer! - each has its own strengths and weaknesses

2) Sorry, not states side so dont know the average prices on your side of the puddle

3) The Denon all-in-one is certainly receiving rave reviews (though I dont know its compatability to DIVX or availablity states side)


Thank you for the replies :)
I'm using sattelite provider.I want TV on which I can watch DVD movies without any loss in picture quality.I also like this model 32pf9986 and i wonder wether it is realy so good(I've read the treads about it,but I've left with mixed feelings)
And about DVD players...Yeas,i meant these all-in-one.But I havent found a model which supports DivX.If I buy only a DVD palyer what speakers would you reccomend to buy also.

Once again,thank you for the answers :clap:


Hi!It's me again.So,I've looked around in the shops and I've made my decision:LG 42PX11H.This TV is great :zonked: I think I'll take it next weekend. :clap:

Cynthia 7

Hi ultralamer and welcome.

It seems this television is popular in South America.

I would mention that this model has 852 x 480 resolution, according to a website. I am not well versed in High Definition televisions apart from knowing that they have 720p or 1080p resolution. Maybe it isn't important to you to have an HDTV and your country, like U.K. doesn't yet provide this.

I hope you have much pleasure from this television.

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