I'm pretty happy with Sky Movies HD


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I've recently finished off my home cinema set up with a 720p DLP Projector - showing on a 96" screen. I've therefore been on the lookout for some good HD fare to project on it.
I've bought a few Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies but many of the films I want to see aren't available on either format yet and don't even show up in the future releases calendar.

I've been holding back from buying DVDs and waiting for the HD versions of a film so I can enjoy them on my big screen.
E.G. I really want to see "Sunshine" - and along with many people are waiting for an HD disc version of this film but nothing is scheduled yet - I look in my Digiguide today and see that it's on Sky HD Box office on 29/10. Likewise the only way to see "The Number 23" in HD is via Sky HD Box Office at the end of this month.

Sky HD is currently providing me with HD Movies that are unavailable through any other means - and given the current price of HD discs they seem to be quite reasonably priced.

Its not often that they get any praise on here - so I thought I'd tip the balance a bit.

That being said - I really think we should have more HD channels by now - I know that FX-HD is on its way (slowly) but what about Hallmark and E4? A man cannot live on films alone.


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Yep - watched that last night - co-incidentally the same film was on an SD Movie channel at the same time - It looked like watching VHS on the SD channel - the missus said it looked like a camcorder copy from a cinema.

Its HD or nothing in my house now.


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Sendit.com lists Sunshine for a BD release here in the UK towards the end of October... I think it's a mistake though. I'm looking forward to an HD version, be it SBO or BD, in any event. I saw it 2k digital in the cinema, looked fantastic.

To stay a bit more on topic, Sky is a great source for those studios who aren't relasing on HDM right now (i.e. New Line, I'd say Fox although they're back on the wagon), or at least various catalogue titles spanning the years. TV shows too. There are still PQ issues (and AQ too) but it's better than it was when I first started subscribing (I'm sure others who were watching from Day One can say that too).

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