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hi all, im kinda new to the latest 4k tv's and wanted to share the journey I've had so far.
So after several failed purchases, I have come to a realisation, there is no such thing as a perfect tv, or at least for what im willing to spend.
I begin my story some weeks back when my 4 year old sammy tv developed some light bleed abnormality. An excuse to get a new tv I thought. Gentleman you now what im talking about here ;). So I start like many with reviewing whats on the web and then whats easily available in store. I really wanted a 4k tv with a screen size around 50" and obviously with a great picture, so my initial thoughts was a max spend of around £1000 would definitely get me a great tv? (I was wrong, well wrong for my expectations. I will explain later!)
So armed with moderate knowledge and a willingness to hand over hard earned cash, I decided to go to the largest Curry's closest to me. My journey was filled with Joyful anticipation and an willingness to be excited of new things to come. I arrived some time later, still full of glee and as soon as I walked over and clapped eyes on all the lovely screens spewing somekind of 4k wizzardry, I was hooked. All those greens and reds, wow I thought, then more reds and greens, even greens with reds mixed in, all oozing from these wonderful tv's. I thought it cant get better than this. (I was wrong, again I will explain later!)
Then I came accross the Samsung ks9000. Wow just wow I thought to myself again. What is this magic I see before my humble eyes. Why does their screen seem more eye popping than everyone elses? How is this possible I wondered? Not even the lg oled that I looked at, but ran away after seeing the cost came close. Moist? I was positively dripping.....from my mouth.

So I bought the 49" one for £1,299. I didnt even care or notice the extra £300. I was in awe and It had to be mine. It even came with a ultra hd player free. Yes FREE. I was in techno nirvana, yippee.

I shall skip straight to the performance part.....OMG, what the hell? What was going on with all this weird bright lighting at the bottom of my new tv. It was like someone shining several torches at once. I then discover after numerous searches that its not uncommon, especially on lesser quality edge lit screens. Hang on I paid £1,299!!! So I ring Curry's, I get an automated message that tells me to contact Samsung. I ring them on a number that cost me £5 for them to tell me its working as specified. But it was never specified in store, online or on the bloody box about the light bleed issues. So not happy I rang Curry's again and skip the "do you own a samsung tv bit". Fairshout to Curry's, I was given a returns number.
I return with my sad tv and armed with the golden RA number. I confidently walk over to customer services and spoke to a very helpful guy. He said "why dont you talk to one of our tv guys first to see if they can offer a better solution". So enamoured was I with this tv I just wanted to try another one. Light-ning (pun sort of intended) doest strike twice I thought. Even the tv saleman said I was just unlucky, as they've sold loads and its the first he has ever heard of this (hmmmm). So I buy a second one...
2nd - skip straight to the performance part.....What the *^#%! Its even worse. Yes worse.
I return a third time with a RA number and a hacked off look. This time I went straight over to the tv's to make another stupid choice. Must say no to ks9000, i kept chanting. The Panasonic rep must of heard me as he asked if he could help. I gave him the short version of my misfortune and I was impressed how professional that he didn't slate Sammy, but he mentioned their overuse of reds & greens in their demos. We chuckeled (me cying inside a little as I miss my sammy). He then showed me the 802b, its back lit dont you know. I thought its ok but its no ks9000. He knew by my look I wasn't excited. He then said "follow me" in a way that made me think he has something up his sleeve! He the showcased me the 902b and went on about how great it was, "its our flagship" he said. I thought this looked nice. "What about light bleed" I asked? He went on about some honeycomb thingamajig and I was somewhat impressed but not wowed like I was when I first gazed upon the precious. I will admit the picture did look good but it wasn't eye popping. But it wont suffer the same light bleed I said to myself and I don't want to keep changing tv's.
This is the point where I needed to reflect and failed. I forgot that I was originally after a 4k tv for around £1000 and around 50". The £1000 limit was down to common sense and the 50" size was down to where it could actually fit...
I bought the Panasonic 58DX902b. I basically spent an extra £800 not to get light bleed. A £1,000 limit didn't get me a tv I initially thought I wanted. £1,300 didn't allow me to keep the tv I fell for. I had to spend £1,799 on a tv to get the 4k I now hungered for and without any bleed issues.
Why didnt you buy the equivalent lg oled I hear you ask. 2 reasons. The lg rep was unprofessional regarding the competition and the tv brightness was nowhere near my new hdr taste I had experienced with Samsung.

My journey doesn't end with my new DX902b. It has quirks. Freeview wont allow regional post code entry, only west can entered so HD news isnt from local area content.
Netflix and youtube internet mbps fluctuates and maxes out at about half the routers speed. This causes 4k content to drop to HD/1440p.
Smearing, its not often but everynow and then you see it. To be honest its rare and you need to be looking for it.
Not a fault of the tv but its 9" bigger than originally planned. The wife just isn't happy about the larger 9". She is finding it very difficult to come to terms with and keeps moaning about the extra 9" that doesnt quite fit.

So it seems that I need to spend more than £1,799 to get a 4k tv with a picture that looks as good as the ks9000 without all the issues I have encountered.
What to do next?

To be continued.....

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