Im not really sure where to start, but I have all this stuff, so many questions, would love some help!


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Hey Friends.

I think I'm after setting up home automation but not sure what I really need or even want?

I think I just want to make things easy, example for my wife to turn the heating off, turn lights on, play music across different rooms ect. All from 1 tablet.

So we have an android tablet on the wall in the family room which is running several apps for various items, namely;

Tado thermostats (x13 on radiators) set to automation via tado app but sometimes wanting to hit the boost button.

Eufy front door bell and 4 cameras

Hue lights in the family room

Hue lights in the prayer room

Hues lights in my bedroom

2x 2 different sets of lights (non hue) on the decking

Smart socket to run a couple of lights on a kitchen cupboard

Spotify connected to a denon amp, a sonos speaker and several Alexander

7 x alexa devices

I would love to;

Make sure when your talking to one alexa that other alexas don't interfere! Also just to have one screen open on the tablet which will live view cameras, shortcut to boosting heating, shortcuts to each room lights, with choice of changing colours ect.

Is it just easier to have all this stuff running through alexa? Or is there another software that will run the lot? Is that on android? Or Windows? The more I look the more confused I get, I would of thought it would just be easy to make macro buttons with several commands and have them all on one screen?
I may be just being dumb!

Would also like to know my electricity usage in said screen / app / software.

Any pointers? A simple solution for my wife but enough meat on the bone for me to make some clever touches if I ever get time. At present all this smart stuff does not feel very smart!

Blessings to you all.

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