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I'm near breaking point..........


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I've been on here for only a few years and it's been a good place to vent my anger but the last 6 months really have pushed me too the limit.

i know everyone can say they have had a crap life but mine really has been, i've never mentioned it before on here because i don't want sympathy and still dont, but today has jjust been the 'brink too far' type.

i had a bad accident in the 70's which left me in a chair, constant surgury ever since, had problems with my now crap eyesight thats needed severl operations, all on top of the normal **** life brings. Nearly died in hospital 'again' while in all of last december, my Dad having a brain tumour diagnosed in the same month then dying in March and then today........

I hired a pneumatic breaker and compressor, a friend was here doing the work for me, he had removed 3 pannels and two posts to put bigger posts in,. he came in to use the toilet, for about 3 minutes, went back to the door.......the lot gone. i live next to a roundabout and can only assume it was seen about 15 foot inside my garden and taken, had to be by a team as the two parts were very big and heavy.

i paid by cash for the hire, and my new credit card number was taken for the £50 deposit should things go wrong.

fine you might think, the card, or home insurance will cover them......no

i forgot to register the bloody card, and my home insurance only covers me for £250 in the garden. i believe these things cost between £1500 - £2000.

to make matters worse i have forked out £110 allready on bits and the hire was £60 and the fence cant now be done without more friends digging the holes manually

and what really scares me, the fact that i was sitting by my kitchen table with the door wide open and the breaker was no more that twenty feet away blocked out of view by a bit of a wall and a fridge freezer and i heard nothing.

Thank you for listening, again.......and i'm sure i won't give up yet, but i aint far away.......and probably now in debt to add insult to injury.


How can i change my name? I no longer want to be known as Idoexist.

The Dude

Distinguished Member

You've been having a really crap time of things, my sympathies to you.

Nothing I can say to make you feel any better about what's just happened, except that maybe in the light of everything else you're dealing with...... it's just some money you're fretting over, nothing important has been lost. :smashin:

Who knows, the rental firm will probably be insured...maybe you're due some good luck.
Tell them what happened, lay it on thick.... and then offer them a damn good price for some 'as new' bits... :D


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I'm pretty sure you are only liable for the excess on the hire companies insurance, this is probably what the £50 deposit is for. You are not liable for the theft, that must be the hire companies risk not yours.

Baron Von Doom

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I know it doesnt help but the machine will have a written down value. When we have tools stolen we have hired out, the value charged is the value showing on the computer. Every time its been hired the value of the machine drops. Most hire companies the customer is responsible for insurance. We had one customer who was charged 16 grand for having a micro digger stolen.


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Life has certainly handed you the stick of luck by the ****** end recently mate.
I honestly admire your courage for not giving up so far and hope you can find it inside you to continue with the positive approach and attitude you have obviously had up until now.

I don't know what else to say. Obviously the thieves are complete scum and I hope that fate has it's own way of repaying them if the police don't catch them.

All I can do is sincerely wish you all the best and I hope this latest incident gets sorted out without you having to pay for the stolen equipment. I don't know what you mean about forgetting to register the card, surely it's registered when it's sent to you ?


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You have my total sympathy for what it's worth. But that doesn't help with the practicalities.

So, report the theft of the hardware and get a crime number. Speak to the hire company and explain the situation. May be they'll behave in a reasonable fashion.

As far as feeling "near breaking point", well it's time to speak to people and start getting some appropriate support.

I personally recommend the samaritans. They are a completely open and non judgemental group who will listen to you and let you express yourself and let out your feelings.

Despite the uniqueness of everybodys personal circumstances, you will often find that there are others who have experienced similar situations. There are a multitude of help and support networks out there and they may be able to help you out. This is one of the good things about the net.

Alternatively post here. These forums are an inexhaustable source of human experience to draw upon. People here are willing to help and often do.

If all else fails, then PM me, if you just want to have a chat and stuff. I'm not a trained specialist and I talk a lot of cak most of the time, but I know how to listen and if it helps you out to let off steam then I'd be happy to be of service.

Alll the best,



Prominent Member
I don't know what you mean about forgetting to register the card, surely it's registered when it's sent to you ?

When your sent a card theres the contact number to activate it. I forgot to do it, had the card about a month and this was it's first use. I realised it when I found the letter about an hour ago. It may not even be honoured, and even if it did cover me, which i doubt, isn't it over £100 spent?


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I have reported it and have an incident number, they are calling me tomorrow and popping by for a statement.. The hire company sounded sypathetic but said i need to contact my insurance. It does state it very clearly on the bottom of the invoice as well.


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Good job you've contacted the police. Hopefully their might be some traffic cameras on the roundabout and it's caught the cretins stealing the compressor and breaker.

Hopefully your insurance company & the hire tool company, manage too sort things out!!


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normally i see these oh i had a bad and everthings gone wrong thing and sometimes i think why do people post here but this one really got to me. I dont think youre due some good luck as someone said, you deserve some.

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