im missing something with my old av reciver?


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Recently i have bought my first av reciver - Kenwood krf-v5030d (for 30 quid) and its powering the 5.0 system - Eltax Mercury, im realy amazed with its sound quality i was able to buy for 135 quid all together.
Im using it with my with HD toshiba ep-30 for HD-DVDs and upscaling dvds, as well for my xbox 360.
I was wondering if im missing something with geting only dolby digital sound form my av reciver as there is so many better AV recivers with newer digital sound systems - my main question is - "are they worth the extra money?" if im already happy with my one?
There is only one thing about my system - the music reproduction is not the best as there is no KICK base, could it be the problem of the av reciver or its just the speakers?


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In order to help with the bass, you would benefit from a sub (the .1 in a 5.1 surround system) - it's designed to help with that 'rumble' you otherwise get through output of those lower frequenices. A good one would end up costing you significantly more than you paid for your whole system so I would see what you can find second hand.

If you're otherwise happy with the system you have then I would stick with it, especially as you've only just bought it. Whether upgrades are worth the money, only you can decide that really. :) Naturally, you're missing out on 'hd' surround sound formats like TrueHD etc, but these won't really be shown off by the Eltax speakers anyway.



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Thanks for your reply rwniel .

Im not realy looking for deep bass, as i dont like subwoofers and i cant have any becouse of the neighbours, im loking for fast nad punchy KICK bass. Like in my car im getting it form front 6.5 inch woofers in soudproof doors the bass is just kicking and its not going low, all the deep bass is going to the sub in the boot. But a single speaker in my car is more expensive then my setup in home - maybe its the problem? :D

Anyway i think im not gettign the DTS from my av reciver - is it any worth it?

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