I'm looking for new speakers to match up with my new Yamaha receiver


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I've just got a new Yamaha RX-V640RDS Home Cinema Receiver, and I need to replace my old front left and right speakers, which are B&W 601 s2's

The rest of my speakers are B&W also.

I was thinking about a set of B&W 603 s3's, as my old speakers lack bass power & sound alittle flat with music.
What do you think?
I have around £600 to spend.

Thanks for any help.


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what about buying a B&W subwoofer to your list?? You dont mention owning one. What speaker cable are you using ?? Maybe that could do with an upgrade??
People love the 603 s3's so see if you can part-ex them if you really must change.

Ian J

I think that Dfour may be along the right lines. If you don't have a subwoofer, adding one should provide the bass power presently missing.

Do the dealers where you live let you borrow / hire equipment to try out in your home to see whether or not it is suitable as that would be the best option.

There is no matching of subwoofer to main speakers so any make will do as well as the next one. Make sure you try out something decent as a poor sub could cure your "bass power" problem but give you poor timing instead


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for replys,

I dont own a subwoofer yet, thats on my to get list right after the 603 s3's.

I'll get a B&W Sub too, I think.

As for cable, I was using some QED suff, which was good, but I now live over in Germany. and i'm having problems finding QED.
My old QED was to short.

I'm using a German brand called " Das Hi-FI Kable" it's very thick with loads of copper strands in it, it was about £4 a meter.

Maybe my cable is my problem?

Thanks again for your help, guys.

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