Im looking for a camcorder which can do the following things.



Hi guys, I currently own a game website which does stuff about XBOX 360, anyway to record footage from the 360 to my Mac I've been using a Sony DCR-TRV730E, which has been fab but now since the majority of new games coming out on the 360 are in 60hz im a bit stuck since the cam only does 50hz.

I've looked in shops like Comet, Currys and Maplins, but no one could really help.

So Im basically looking for a new cam which does the following things for around £500-600

Av input/output
Dv output
Record in 60hz
HDD (not fussed, but would help since no need for tapes)

Any help would be great

Thanks :)


Will be using it for other stuff aswell, since my parents have been thinking about getting a new one aswell, so we shall just share.


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HDD camcorders with AV input are rare as hens teeth ( if they exist at all) .

They will typically not have a DV output because they don't need one. The video is already mpeg2 or Mpeg4 or mpeg4-AVC/H.264 (HD) USB is the usual connection

A Uk Spec camcorder will not record in 60hz regardless of format

If you stay with tape you are looking at a US spec MiniDV camcoder with AV in :You will not find these in Currys Comet and indeed online if they are destined to be used here primarily.

Your very specific requirements would require a very narrow niche camcorder with very limited ,market hence the lack of suggestions:

I would suggest a second look at Marks suggestion of a workaround

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