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I'm looking for a advice buying my setup

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by wynouk, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. wynouk


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    i'm thinking of buying a projector and was wondering what set up to buy and the best place to buy from, i have seen the panny getting good reviews on this site but i'm still unsure what 1 to buy
    i have a new cyber home AD-L 528 dvd player and my PC's in my living room with a pioneer 106 dvd player on it, my graphic's card is a elsa gladiac 511 card the sound card is a sound blaster audigy card.

    I would like to ask the board a few questions listed below

    1) what is the best projector for under £2000 and the best place to buy from

    2) what type of leads how many and what conections would i need to get the best from my progector (how do i wire it up)

    3) best place to buy a ceiling mount bracket from hopefully one that goes up and down cause i would like to hide it behind a beem on the ceiling and pull it down when ever i want to watch it

    4) whats a good set of loud speakers to buy and 5.1/dts amp with fm radio to buy and from where... are these speakers any good http://www.avland.co.uk/pioneer/sv70/index.htm

    5) best place for screens and can u get ones that come down automatically when u swith on the progector

    6) what is all the talk on screen door effect???

    sorry about all the questions but i'm trying to suss out how to set a progector up (what type of cable etc)

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