I'm Looking for a 42inch where is best/cheapest and what?

Hi Gents. I'm looking to buy a 42inch Plasma and was wondering what you "pros" would recommend.

Where is best to buy from. The prices vary so much between suppliers knowing where to buy could save £100s

Also what do I need to buy with it? I see loads of Accessories what ones do I need to buy to go with the Plasma?

Also is Plasma best or should I maybe look at LCD?



This is a biased view but I believe that looking for the cheapest deal is not always the most economical. The best deal IMHO is one that is taken out with a reputable company with a good and comprehensive service back up who are competitive in price, if not the cheapest.
Good deals at the momment include anything by panasonic or hitachi and although not often at a greatly reduced price my reccomendation is the pioneers!


well as far as what accessories you need to answer a few questions.

1) what are your sources and how do you intend to connect them.

2) are you using a video processor

3) wall or table mount

As for whether plasma is better than LCD...... I think so at the moment. I am biased and have only seen lcds in curry's but I feel the size that the plasma offers is great and on what I have seen, the plasma picture looks better. Now although I am biased, if you search my posts, you will find im a very recent plasma convert and previously considered them as heresy in a HC. Although my screen is only a few days new, I dont know my projector is going to last long.

As for supplier, there are loads of goodies. I got from AV-sales in the end and got a cracking price with the comfort that they are leading panasonic resellers and everything is 100% UK model warranty and all the rest.

there are loads of others and I would recommend Martin (MAW on this forum) if you are within his custom install range as he is a really knowledgeable and helpful guy and has great prices too.


Fat Tony

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I think MAW is out of your range, going by his location: "the restuarant at the end of the A3" ...

Joe Fernand

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Whilst other suppliers are a ten minute drive from you and can forgive you your choice of footie team :)

Best regards



I'll second that, I am in Surrey, and cannot offer the support Joe can as he's just down the road. It's the place to have your supplier, my clients tell me.
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