Im i insane?


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Hi all,

I'm seriously tempted with this my daily commute is only 6 miles, so my thinking is there's not much point in going for a diesel as the purchase price would be a couple of grand more than and I doubt I'd make the difference back over my years of ownership. The road tax is high but you only pay it once a year, it's the right spec I've been looking for with the digital tuner ( saw a 2006 which had an analogue tuner and the cost for an upgrade was about £1200 and it had no aux input).

So really my question is has anyone had one? And if so would you buy another?

The only reason I'm looking at a range rover is that one of the other directors in my company used to have a crv and could pick everyone up when the weather was really bad but he's chopped it in for an s4, and the other one bought a 370z which is as useful as a chocolate tea pot in the snow ( and seriously lacking in seats), also I'd like to visit my sisters occasionally down in dartmoor but there lanes look like Amazonian jungle tracks and I nearly beached a hire 3 series last year on them.

I'm I insane even contemplating buying one, will it be a massive money pit? Should I get an inspection done and if so who would you recommend?

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As long as you've got the money to fuel and maintain it why not

Ignore the manufacturers fuel figures, on short trips that'll be lucky to see 15mpg

It's an 80k car, when it packs up the bills will make you wince , parts will be astronomical

campy mccamper

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I'd get an inspection. These can be a money pit to fix when they go wrong. And then you have to consider the £490 a year ved and £250-£300 a tyre.

Jules Tohpipi

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Absolutely ideal if you're looking for something to shovel money into faster than coal on The Flying Scotsman.


And as the Aussies say:
If you're looking to go into the bush then you'll need a Range Rover or a Toyota Hilux. If you're looking to come out again then you'll need the Toyota.

Similarly ideal if you're concerned that you're currently getting too much sleep at night.
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That will not be much better than other cars in poor conditions if it has summer tyres on. Suitable tyres then it will do great.

As a luxury car they are nice, but like any vehicle of that ilk you'll have to be prepared for the possibility of big bills.

As something to go down some rough road look at some of the Subaru's. Such as the Forester 4x4. Not as luxurious, but cheaper and may suit your needs more.

With the Range Rover buy smart and you'll be alright. From a specialist, or with a decent inspection.
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