I'm going to sound a bit thick


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Hello people. I thought my mind was made up, but now I'm just confused again.
I want a 42" plasma TV, prefereably Samsung (I think they look the best compared to others such as LG etc) but thats just my opinion.
I compared 3 versions on Samsung website (PS42B450 / PS42B451 / PS42A461) to compare them, and I cant see what the difference is?
I will be using it mainly for watching Sky (not HD at the moment), playing X-box & Wii.
I was looking to pay up to about £550
The TV will be about 8ft away, so am I right in saying I don't need 1080p?
Many thanks


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You don't need 1080p but you may want 1080p ;)

You will notice the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 42 inch screen but not from 8 feet away so if funds don't permit, just get a HD Ready set.

Personally though, I'd get a Panasonic TX-P42X10.


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Cheers for the quick reply.
Am I right in saying that sky HD doesn't transmit full HD, and that you only get to see a full proper HD picture through watching bluray??
Again, sorry to sound a bit thick, but I am new to all this!!

So, like for like watching Sky and playing X-box, there will be a big differnece to my current Panny PW7 and the Panasonic TX-P42X10??


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Sky HD broadcasts in 1080i.

The Panny X10 is a cracking HD Ready set and meant to be superb with SD.


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All Sky HD material is broadcast at 1080i.

I've got a HD ready (720p) Pioneer Plasma and the picture in HD can be stunning but it depends more on the actual material broadcast rather than the fact it's at 1080i.

Agree with Ralphy1981. Panasonic and Pioneer generally thought to produce the best Plasma screens.


the 42x10 is the best choice imo too plus the samsungs are rather more prone to image retention compared to the panasonics.

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