I'm going to play on my NES...


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Jan 15, 2003
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... How that'll bring back a few memories :D. I've got a weird urge to play the very first mario...

Wish me look in finding it :laugh:
It's alive! It's aliiivvvveeeee!!!!
The best are donkey kong 1,2,3 imo, infact i feel like playing now!!
Oh yes, I remember them...
You can have my master system :p.
You can have mine for £80 ;) :laugh:

The old nintendo consoles are great for just pick up and play games ive still got my snes which i can play the donkey kong games and the n64 which has mariokart, donkey kong and banjo kazooie.
My consoles go as far back as the Commodore 64...
Wow i don't know if i was even alive then!

My first was the original gameboy with tetris which i got fairly soon after it came out and didnt have another game for something like 3 years, thats longevity for you!!
lol - I remember (just) being about 2 years old and playing fighting games on the Commodore 64 with my cousin...

Back in the day...
Fighting games when you were two, get 'em while they're young eh! lol, i remember me and my bro battling to be the best, when you got a certain score there was a rocket taking off now i think about it, but the music got really annoying (dum de de dum over and over again)
Hmmmm I had a vic 20 with memory expansion pack so i could play Jet Pac and Scramble! Oh yeah!
Originally posted by spidermanalf
Hmmmm I had a vic 20 with memory expansion pack so i could play Jet Pac and Scramble! Oh yeah!

Jet Pac.......ahhhhh those were the days. Spectrum version was better though :(

I know someone who had a ZX-81.........nailed to the wall in his bedroom, literally :rotfl:
and i can play all of them on my xbox:) infact i was only just playing donkey kong country 3.
Anyone remember 3D Monster Maze on the ZX81? Or that mole game on the ZX80?

Or, Lemonade, I think on the Vic20.

Oric Atmos, Sharp MZ80K....Those were the days. Not. My brother had a QL. Hehe.
Stoppit! You're making me want more classic consoles now! I wanna be a console collector and am gonna start with the Nintendo ones cos they're my fave! I wanna get the NES, Famicom (not rare on Ebay!), SNES, Super Famicom (again, not that rare on Ebay) and an N64. Starting with an N64 cos it's my fave console, Gamecube comes second.
My NES came with the Light Gun and had dunk hunt and Mario 1 on a Joint game pack.

Duck hunt was excellent, although i was never rich enough to have the robot which u could buy and use with some of the games.

My first console back in 1983 was the MB Games Vectrex which has a monitor and controller all in one. Then i got the Specturm 128 k Plus 2. what a machine that was.

Oh the joys of the Old Skool - ;0)

Hungry Horace goes Ski-ing what a classic.

I remember Frogger being on the acorn electron. But im sure it must of been on the Spectrum too.

I would proberly say my Amiga was the best computer i ever bought i just wish now that i never sold it as i had so many quality games for that.... - (newzeland story,rainbow islands,IK+,Bombjack) the list would go on and on.

Maybe i could pick one up on ebay......
Have to agree on the Amiga, it was the ultimate platform of it's day, outperforming all the consoles of the time in every way!

Plenty of forgotten classics too, New Zealand Story and Rainbow Islands (as mentioned). Zool and Cannon Fodder started life there. Harlequin is probably the best platformer of all time, the list goes on!

The Workbench OS was great too - it had a speech programme which was fun! In fact I believe Amiga's are still used in sound engineering as they've yet to be surpassed for flexibility in that area.
I remember Zool it was made by Gremlin and Sponsored by Chupa Chups the lolly company. It was like Sonic the hedgehog for the Amiga.

We have an A1200 here in the office which sometimes we use(we have Zool too) but i have the A500 with the 1.3 workbench and upgraded the memory to 1meg.

I remember the Atari STE or STFM being its competitor but the Amiga just blow it anyway.


The 1.3 workbench was the one to have as the 2.0 version which the added to the a500+ a600 etc etc have problems playing certain games and software but it did come with a full one meg.
Monty Mole was the mole game!

I remeber Codemasters's classics like CJ the Elephant and such like and buying a game for 2.99, or if it was NEW 9.99 or 10.99 oh yeah!

Ocean rocked and US Gold sucked!

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